Bagrat Grigorian

(1939 - 1992)

Bagrat Grigorian was born in 1939 in Leninakan (Gyumri).
1957 – finished art school, named after S.Merkurov. Studied in the studios of H.Ananikian and S.Mirzoyan (Leninakan).
1960-1963 – studied at the Art College, named after P.Terlemezian (Yerevan).
1967 – graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts and Drama (Yerevan).
1965, 1966, 1968, 1969 – participated in Youth exhibitions.
1970 – illustrated books and magazines.
1971 – 1st personal exhibition, after which he was charged with being heterodox. His future participation in the exhibitions was prohibited.
1972, 1975 – with two works he succeeded in the participation of group exhibitions.
1977, 1979 – with three works participated in the group exhibitions (France, Estonia).
1978-1985 – was exhibited in “Basmajian” gallery (Paris). After his personal exhibition in Los-Angeles, his works were shown in Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Mongolia, Iran, Argentina, Canada, Lebanon, Russia.
1991 – was invited to Beirut, to give classes in “Toros Roslin” High School.
1992 – personal exhibition in Antilias (Beirut).
1992 – died in Yerevan.
1996 – posthumous exhibition (40 works, NGA, Yerevan). The works are kept in Modern Art Museum (Yerevan), National Gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), Tretyakov gallery (Moscow), Zimmerli Art Museum (New Brunswick), many private galleries and collections abroad.
2001 – posthumous exhebition "Bagrat-Emma-Manuk Grigorians" in Tenafly (New Jersey)


Bagrat in books

Twilight, 1989 Twilight, 1989
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